Professional Profile

Agile software professional with exceptional analytical, communication, and people skills. Dynamic and credible leader adept at balancing technical and business considerations, forging solid decisions in ambiguous situations, and influencing teams across multiple organizations. Polished interpersonal and coaching skills with proven ability to work through high-pressure situations in a calm and solution-focused manner.

  • Process Improvement: Certified Scrum Professional (CSP), Certified ScrumMaster (CSM), Agile Methodologies, Retrospectives
  • Project Execution: Taking a Concept to Product, Product Evangelization, Cross-Functional Innovation, Vendor/Partner Management, Sprint Planning
  • Product Development: Scrum Product Owner, Technical Product Management, User Stories, Backlog Grooming, Customer Needs Analysis, Release Planning
  • Leadership: Instilling a Shared Vision, Team Building, Coaching, Mentoring, Developing People, Hiring, Conflict Resolution
  • Communication: Presentations, Webinars, Training, Demonstrations, On-line Content, Documentation, Pre-Sales, Technical Selling
  • Technical: Linux, Java, MySQL, PostgreSQL, PHP, Node.js, AngularJS, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Virtualization, Windows, .NET, C#, SQL Server, TFS

Selected Accomplishments

Process Improvement

Served as Scrum Master on a scaled agile program with 180 team members. Coached development teams and business on Scrum framework. Worked with Agile Coach to influence focus of the business and PMO. Created visual web-based reports from TFS Data Warehouse which became the go-to source of information for Architects, Development Leads, Scrum Masters, and Product Owners.
Results: Moved the program focus up from sprint status details to completion of high-level features and incremental releases. Teams achieved a high degree of self-organization, cross-functional swarming, and collaboration with the business. Selected as the only Scrum Master for the final program transition phase.

Coached Scrum teams building a new drilling surface data acquisition system. Coached teams on backlog refinement, story slicing, swarming, the virtues of shorter sprints, and collaboration with business. Influenced executives to maintain stable teams, fund platforms not just projects, assign field engineers as Product Owners, accept incremental releases, and align engineering, marketing, and operations.
Results: Gained trust and influence with operations and marketing, operations noted a marked increase in delivery of valuable features, and secured continued platform funding.

Trained and coached teams through transition to Scrum. Trained 12+ teams on Scrum fundamentals and enhanced existing training material. Helped ScrumMasters create task boards, burn-down charts, and other radiators. Coached teams through planning, standups, demos, and retrospectives. Assisted Product Owners with backlog creation, prioritization, release planning, and splitting user stories. Recommended changes to workspace, release processes, and support services to improve Agile team velocity.
Results: Transitioned 5 teams to Scrum; improved performance and consistency of 3 existing Scrum teams.

Spearheaded adoption of Scrum framework. Perceived resistance from some team members. Stepped out of manager/ Scrum Product Owner role to coach the team on Scrum/Agile practices; modeled the desired Agile behaviors and created a safe environment for process experimentation.
Results: Resistance faded as team embraced Scrum, started to self-organize, and saw progress with the product; incremental process and practice improvements increased team productivity.

Created a community of practice for pre-sales engineers selling software products. Created and promoted an email list for field engineers to obtain product information. Provided pre-release notifications, access to beta software, answered questions, published road-map, surveyed list to clarify priorities, and encouraged knowledge sharing among list members.
Results: Generated numerous product enhancement ideas; created a forum for pre-sales engineers to document and share knowledge. Model was copied and ultimately sanctioned as the Management Ambassadors program.

Oversaw Six Sigma Black Belt certification project to reduce customer support costs. Mined support case database to identify issues and areas of customer confusion. Categorized issues and attacked the most frequent causes. Created recommended actions and implemented product improvements.
Results: Reduced support events by 40% and cost per support event by 53%. Instrumental in program manager achieving Six Sigma Black Belt Certification.

Reorganized quality assurance team to align more closely with development. Co-located the QA and development teams, encouraged a more cooperative QA process by testing preliminary code and reporting issues directly to developers.  Initiated “Test Days” for developers and testers to find and fix as many bugs as possible in a single day.
Results: Reduced internal problem reports by 36% with a smaller test team; happier and more productive product team.

Streamlined subsystem testing and integration process. Identified issues with subsystem test, integration, and sharing of test equipment. Created a standardized test environment and trained engineers, captured data from test environment to simplify subsystem integration process.  Refocused integration team on automating and streamlining the build process and working with engineers to integrate completed subsystems.
Results: Reduced subsystem test setup time by 50%; enabled sharing of scarce test hardware; increased rate of subsystem integration; created a working system from a single build.

Project Execution

Executed 25+ on-time software releases supporting HP’s ProLiant server business. Created an agile development and release process, influenced server test organizations to adopt automated deployment to complement our testing, and drove creation of an automated build/release process.
Results: Increased quality and ability to adapt to changing priorities, provided timely releases supporting new ProLiant servers, and achieved time to market release with Intel processors.

Conceptualized and directed development of next generation server deployment product. Created and prioritized product backlog as Scrum Product Owner; groomed backlog with the team; updated backlog to incorporate feedback from customers; review and approve user interface design.
Results: Generated enthusiastic responses from customer demonstrations; achieved business objectives of compatibility with HP Server Automation and easy adoption in the volume server market.

Spearheaded formation and training of dedicated technical support team for automated server deployment. Persuaded Compaq Technical Support leadership to form a dedicated team to handle the unique needs of a “for sale” software product. Trained new support team, provided early access to software releases, and held Q&A sessions for each release.
Results: Quick reaction time improved the customer support experience eased the customer adoption process. Improved support reduced load on pre-sales engineers, clearing pre-sales pipeline for new customer engagements.

Demystified automated server deployment for customers and field sales personnel. Delivered demonstrations and presentations on server deployment to field sales, trainers, and customers. Assisted with setup and delivery of early training classes. Identified the key selling points that resonated with customers. Coached field sales during evaluations and installations.
Results: Prepared field sales, training, and delivery organizations to simplify customer adoption; increased sales within the customer base and gathered valuable customer feedback for future releases.

Coordinated outsourcing of maintenance and ongoing development of existing server deployment. Created a transition plan with HP’s outsource partner, trained receiving team, coached lead program manager and lead engineer, and reviewed release metrics during the transition.
Results: Made experienced in-house team available for next generation product development; maintained quality, on-time release record and customer satisfaction with existing product.

Built and mentored a highly motivated and cohesive team. Started with a team of 5, hired 10 additional engineers. Trained and coached team on development practices and real-time system design.  Improved team’s focus on peer code reviews and negative testing.
Results: Completed initial release of system services and initialization, reduced internal problem reports by 63%, and cut internal support costs in half.

Designed and developed real-time software for energy management systems. Designed initialization subsystem for a distributed architecture SCADA system, convinced Director to enhance control language and implemented a compiler, pioneered use of new Intel development tools/embedded OS, trained other engineers, and assisted with debug.
Results: Noted for “outstanding design” skills, exceeding customer expectations; earned increased freedom and responsibility.

Founded, grew and optimized a business to consumer e-commerce company. Identified existing market with established online traffic and sales. Found consumer products and set up drop-ship agreements. Created website and drove traffic via pay per click advertising and organic search results. Increased sales conversions by using conversion optimization and Google analytics. Created multiple feedback mechanisms for website visitors, then improved site content and usability based on feedback and visitor questions. Set up online customer service portal and outsourced phone order line. Converted key products to stock and ship, leased office-warehouse space, created then refined shipping and inventory processes.
Results: Reduced PPC costs from $87 to $8 per sale. Achieved first page Google search results for numerous keywords. Achieved profitability and grew sales to over $200K per year.

Trained online marketers on experimental design for split and multivariate website optimization. Identified need for online marketers to learn website optimization. Gained introduction to established seminar leader. Trained attendees on multivariate optimization at annual seminar. Secured invitation to second conference to demonstrate and train on Google Website Optimizer.
Results: Trained approximately 60 online marketers on website optimization. Secured multiple consulting opportunities with seminar attendees.

Product Innovation

Developed and evangelized the first “for sale” software product in HP’s Industry Standard Server Division. Adapted and packaged a partner software product for sale with HP’s ProLiant servers. Enhanced product to meet emerging customer needs and technology changes in the server market.
Results: Product became a successful differentiator for HP’s server business, created customer “stickiness” to ProLiant servers; provided customers with a clear ROI and consistent server deployments; ultimately grew into a $500M software business for HP.

Identified strategic opportunity for HP to leverage embedded deployment software in multi-server environments. Evaluated a competitor’s innovation at Director’s request. Identified opportunities to improve the innovation and apply it to multi-server deployment. Collaborated with ProLiant hardware and firmware team on Intelligent Provisioning to include features for multi-server deployment.
Results: Delivered a game changing product advantage for HP, gave customers a more secure deployment process, and put the competition at a disadvantage.

Pioneered deployment of servers in boot from SAN-based storage configuration. Recruited a cross-functional team including storage, driver, operating system, and platform engineers. Brainstormed issues with the team, assigning actions to investigate potential solutions. Engaged SAN HBA partners to create tools needed for automated configuration.
Results: Automated the deployment process, provided a unique differentiator for ProLiant blades and supported disk-free blades well in advance of converged network/storage infrastructure; inception of idea to simplify blade server “rip and replace” serviceability with SAN boot which led to a patent protecting HP’s strategic Virtual Connect product.

Improved customer experience at intersection of Microsoft and Compaq. Integrated with the Windows development team and built a Compaq team on-site. Provided ProLiant servers to performance and storage teams. Instrumental in site selection, design and build of Compaq’s Redmond office.
Results: Improved out of box experience, performance, and scalability on ProLiant servers running Windows. Expanded scope of partnership with Microsoft. Recognized by Director for “one of a kind” work with Microsoft that was “critical to our success.”

Enhanced server setup during formative years of Compaq’s Industry Standard Server business. Envisioned and prototyped a server Maintenance CD, demonstrated and persuaded management to ship it.  Invented and implemented a method to run server configuration tools from hard disk.
Results: Streamlined server setup and maintenance for customers.

Professional Experience

Improving, Inc.

Agile Coach @ BP, Houston, Texas (2016 – Present)
Scrum Master @ Enterprise Products, Houston, Texas (2014 – 2015)

Baker Hughes

Software Manager III, Houston, Texas (2013 – 2014)

United Services Automobile Services (USAA)

Agile Coach, San Antonio, Texas (2012 – 2013)


Senior Software Engineering Manager, Houston, Texas (2002 – 2012)

Compaq Computer Corporation

Software Engineering Manager, Houston, Texas (1998 – 2002)
Engineering Liaison at Microsoft, Redmond, Washington (1996 – 1998)
Team Leader to Software Engineering Manager, Houston, Texas (1990 – 1996)

Ferranti International Controls

Integration Group Manager, Sugar Land, Texas (1988 to 1990)
Software Development Leader, Sugar Land, Texas (1985 to 1988)

TRW Controls

Associate Software Engineer to Senior Software Engineer, Sugar Land, Texas (1983 – 1985)


B. S., Computing and Information Sciences, Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas, 1983.

US Patent 7,856,489 – Simplified Server Replacement